The 3 Keys to Potency: What Makes Our Weed Unique

Our rigorous process throughout the plant growth cycle and harvest guarantees you the highest possible THC potency.

Why the potency of our weed is so unusual

At In The Flow, we are on a mission to help you Find Your Flow. We want you to feel relaxed and happy after enjoying our flower. The quality of your marijuana experience comes from the THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, present in the strain you consume. Our rigorous process throughout the plant growth cycle and harvest guarantees you the highest possible potency.  

THC is secreted by the glands of the cannabis plant. It is one of 80+ types of cannabinoids it produces and a chemical compound that interacts with your brain and body receptors to create the “high.” 

We cultivate and produce both Sativa and Indica-dominant strains with high levels of THC. 

  • In the Indica family, we offer four varieties with high potency, generally defined as a concentration above 20%: Glue, Mob Boss, Danky Kong, and Fine Wine.
  • In the Sativa family, Chemmy Jones and Lemon Skunk can contain up to 38% THC.

How do we know about the potency of our weed? 

We can guarantee you the potency of our strain, and it isn’t just because we have experienced all of them to make sure they are the best. At In The Flow, we get our products tested by independent labs every harvest to guarantee their quality and potency. 

There are multiple ways to measure THC concentration. High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) is one of the most popular and reliable methods, and the one we use. We regularly send marijuana flower to be ground up by lab technicians who then separate the cannabinoids, including THC, from the plant using a solvent like ethanol. The solution is pumped at high pressure through a tube that contains material that attract certain molecules. They therefore reach the detector located at the end of the tube more slowly. This allows measurement of UV light absorption and volume of the different molecules at different times.  

How we ensure the highest THC concentration

We start with a good base, i.e. strains that naturally hold a high percentage of THC. This is important because no matter how well we take care of the cannabis plant, we can’t cheat the genetic THC upper limit. 

We only get our seeds and/or clones from the best Colorado growers or by doing the crosses ourselves.  And then comes trial after trial of harvest batches.   We make sure we give the plants all the required love and care, from the exact water quantity it needs to the right level of light. A healthy and robust plant will yield higher levels of cannabinoids, including THC. 

Harvest time is also key and varies from strain to strain. We pick the flowers when they are at maturity, a small window of two to three weeks that makes a massive difference to the percentage of THC the flower contains. To make sure the flowers aren’t contaminated my machinery oil, we hand-trim them one-by-one. We then sift our trimmed flower to collect the strain specific trim and kief before ongoing curing and light proof storage so it retains its high THC and cannabinoid concentration.  

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