Who We Are

"Less like working and more like living."

Embodying the concept of finding your Flow.

In The Flow began with two longtime friends, their wives, and a determination to create a profession more geared to the lives they were called to live. The challenging times we find ourselves in moved us to begin something that spoke to our souls, not just our bank accounts.

To make these things happen, they chose to work with one of the most magical plants. For in the garden, hands soiled yet connected to the growing force of life, they found their own flow. For them, this was hard work that felt less like work and more like an art form.

As we embody this concept of finding your Flow, we invite you to think about what it is that makes your life more fulfilled and how best to get there. In the process, may you share your many unique gifts and make the world a better place for us all.

"Just like our plants, each person is unique!"

Being In The Flow

What does it mean to be In The Flow?  When we are In The Flow we feel a relaxed focus, a state of bliss, a sense of meaningful connection.  It’s almost as if time slows down and we are able to completely focus on the task at hand.  

At In The Flow we fill every action with this elevated focus, leading to an elevated end product.  Whether we are watering, pruning, trimming, or gathering as a team to celebrate the fruits of another harvest, the attention to detail we place on each activity shows through with a consistent, loving touch.

"Inquisitive, playful, fierce when necessary, and intelligent…”

Our Inspiration

Colorado is an awe-inspiring place, but when exploring outside the borders of our splendid state, there’s one thing the founders of
In The Flow must do regularly – journey to the magnificent ocean.

Searching for inspiration, we looked back to the ocean and decided that the creature that most embodied the state of Flow was the octopus. Octopuses can change their color, pattern, and even texture to match their surroundings in a fraction of a second. What better example is there of being and becoming one with the present moment? They are also inquisitive, playful, fierce when necessary, and intelligent.

To give back to these amazing creatures and the ocean as a whole, In The Flow donates regularly to The Marine Conservation Institute and other worthwhile causes.

The bigger picture...

Caring About Sustainability

At In The Flow, we care deeply about our planet and our impact on it, which is why we continually take steps to improve our energy efficiency and increase sustainability measures.  We've been successful in offsetting upwards of 70% of our electricity usage through solar array partnerships in Deer Trail and Longmont, Colorado.  Locally, one of our owners has served several years representing the cannabis industry on the Boulder County EIOF Steering Committee, which has helped develop policy and action recommendations for making Boulder County cultivations as energy productive as possible.  In The Flow's cultivation facilities took part in the Committee's Energy Assessment and Upgrades Initiative to pinpoint areas for improvement and decrease our carbon footprint. And last but not least,
In The Flow was one of the first cultivations to become Boulder County Carbon Conscious Certified. We work to retain this certification annually by setting goals and maintaining current achievements.

Four founders with one mission

Our dedicated team

Tori Sherman

Josh Mortenson

Mike Diaz

Bonnie Bahlmann

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