Who We Are

We are cannabis connoisseurs focused on ensuring the highest quality by maintaining small batches, consistent attention to detail, and natural growing techniques.

Small Batch

We strive to maintain the quality and consistency of our superior flower. We keep our batches small – giving hands-on, individualized care to each plant.

Natural Growing Techniques

We provide a clean, natural environment for our plants to flourish in, including the highest quality inputs for optimal soil and plant health.

Lab Tested

We go beyond state-mandated testing requirements, utilizing independent labs to ensure the best quality products each and every harvest.

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Giving Back

Our Partners

We hope our customers feel good that their support of In The Flow™ gives back in a meaningful way.

Marine Conservation Institute is dedicated to protecting our oceans.

The Realm of Caring Foundation is a non-profit organization providing support services for individuals using cannabinoid therapy.

Friendship City Projects is Boulder Colorado's first sister city and a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to cooperative projects in the Jalapa Valley of Nicaragua.

Luvin Arms is a place of refuge for abused or neglected farmed animals including cows, horses, pigs, goats, sheep, turkeys, chickens, and ducks in Erie, CO.

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society helped end the destruction of habitat and slaughter of wildlife in the world's oceans.

Hear what people have to say!


Kim Watts

Santé Durango

"We have had the pleasure of working with all of the wonderful folks from In The Flow! From the plants that they grow to the speed of service that they provide every aspect of their business is one of the best in the industry. We are fortunate to be able to provide our customers their flower strains which includes their off-the-charts Chemmy Jones!"

Nic Morris

The Farmer's Market

"Over the past 3 years, our store has worked with numerous different growers from all over the state, and our experience with In The Flow, specifically Tori, has been far and away the best. From the beginning of our partnership, they have delivered the most consistently potent, delicious, and well-trimmed flower we have been able to find. From Chemmy Jones to Lemon Skunk; Danky Kong to Fine Wine, you can tell that the utmost care and craftsmanship go into each and every bud. Their ability to deliver such quality flower consistently has surpassed almost every other grower we have dealt with, and we will never see our shelves without at least 2 strains from In The Flow. The flowers they grow are a testament to "doing it right", and the team they have cultivated alongside the plants is second to none!"

Zach Anderson

Herbal Wellness

"We think In The Flow is the best in the state of Colorado."

Joseph D'Alessandro

The Telluride Green Room

"There are a few simple reasons why "In The Flow" is a top-shelf organization growing outstanding cannabis. First are the extreme THC potencies that this group is capable of coaxing out of the plant. These test results often soar into the high 30%'s! Second, in a high altitude state like Colorado, where most flower is often dry and brittle, In The Flow cannabis manages to retain just the right amount of moisture. Thirdly, some of their buds push up to 40% THC, which is astounding, but their aromatics are nothing to scoff at either! One batch of their "Chemmy Jones" had a total terpene profile that clocked in at 2.75%!  Several people have commented on this batch as the stinkiest weed they have ever come across. The last reason that In The Flow does an amazing job with the cannabis they grow is the staff themselves.  The quality of their attitudes and customer service is consistently as high as their terpene results and potency tests! In The Flow is a tight knit family of people growing the kind of buds they themselves like to consume; Superlative Cannabis!"

Tylor McGowan

"Flower is becoming more and more accessible. There are dozens of cultivation facilities throughout the state of Colorado. Having worked with a good majority of these cultivation facilities, In The Flow has been one of, if not the best, cultivation facility that we have worked with. Their staff is very friendly and helpful when it comes to learning about their flower. Not only is their staff awesome, but their flower is unique and pungent. The aroma that comes from their flower invades the nostrils leaving a craving for the high you know you're going to get from their potent flower. The strain that makes In The Flow stand out the most is Chemmy Jones. This strain is always in the mid to high 30% range for THC content!  All in all, this company is awesome!

Lauren Weinberger

The Greenery

"Our customers and budtenders at The Greenery love the consistently high THC percentages and expert cure that is standard with ITF flower. The attention and love that ITF puts into growing, harvesting and processing their plants is truly evident in every puff."

Kent Larick

Roots Rx Eagle/Vail

"I love In The Flow, and the amazing flower they produce. The quality of their small batch cannabis really stands out against everything else on the shelf. From the amazing terpene content and smell, to the cleaness of nugs and overall jar appeal, In The Flow has it going on every batch, every time! We receive daily calls from customers asking for the Chemmy Jones flower and the Fine Wine has become a personal favorite! The grape and sour gas flavors combine in perfect unison, making for an amazing all day indica. "

Green is the new gold...

Awards & Accolades

2019 Cannabis Connoisseur Cup 2nd Place Sativa - Lemon Skunk
2018 Rooster THC Classic 2nd Place Indica - Danky Kong
2018 Connoisseur Cup 2nd Place Overall Flower - Lemon Skunk
2018 Connoisseur Cup 1st Place Sativa - Chemmy Jones
2017 Connoisseur Cup Overall Flower Champion - Chemmy Jones
2017 Rooster THC Classic 2nd Place Hybrid Flower - Glue

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