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There are dozens of reasons why shopping at your small and local businesses is “the bee’s knees” - and the cannabis industry is no exception.

There are dozens of reasons why shopping at your small and local businesses is “the bee’s knees” -  and the cannabis industry is no exception. Local distribution, greater care, and consistent quality are just a few reasons why you should be thinking small batch. Producing boutique cannabis takes time, dedication, and personal responsibility, all of which we embrace so we know you’re getting the highest quality cannabis on the market. Today we are going to dive deeper into why we love producing boutique flowers and why you should consider purchasing small batch cannabis.


When you shop from a boutique cannabis store, you’re guaranteed quality. Hand-watering and hand-trimming ensure the gentle care these plants need to thrive and produce the highest caliber flower.  Trimming the cured plants by hand means no trim-machines, eliminating the chance of the flower being contaminated by machinery oils. When using a trim machine, you also risk losing a significant amount of the bud’s trichomes - those tiny little crystals that produce terpenes and cannabinoids which you’ll see on carefully trimmed flower. Since these plants are very delicate, getting tossed around in a machine causes the trichomes to fall off, losing much of the flavor, aroma, and benefits you value. We trim all of our cannabis plants by hand to avoid these issues, and to ensure that the full-spectrum qualities you expect from craft cannabis are retained.

Additionally, small batch companies (like us!) pay acute attention to every detail, starting with world-class genetics. We grow each strain in a perfectly curated environment to maximize the potency of each plant. We have everything down to an exact science.

From humidity and temperature controls to monitoring water quantity (we water each individual plant by hand as flood tables cause significant water waste), our expert team of 10 full-time employees, called our Grow Family, develops the highest quality cannabis on the market for your enjoyment.


At In The Flow, we pride ourselves on being a sustainable, environmentally-conscious grow. We are able to offset 34% of our facility’s energy use each year through the use of solar panels located here in Colorado. In addition, we follow a strict zero water waste method of operation. We refuse to use flood tables at our grow, which ensures that our plants are only given the water they need to reduce unnecessary water waste. In The Flow also collaborates with the Energy Impact Offset Fund Steering Committee in order to make informed decisions related to the environmental impacts and sustainability of the marijuana industry. Our goal is to educate and inform people to make a positive impact across the Boulder County marijuana community, and we know there is still much to be done in the way of environmental activism. These sustainability efforts are a great starting point, and we’re excited to keep expanding the work we do on this.


When you shop at a local business, you’re giving back to your community. As a philanthropic company at heart, In The Flow knows the value of nurturing the community you’re a part of. We feel we cannot succeed as a business without supporting those around us to do good. Marine conservation organizations, animal sanctuaries, and grassroots non-profits focused on water quality are just a few of the causes we support with donations. If you’re interested in seeing more of the great organizations we support, check out our Giving Back page! When you support In The Flow you’re sending out a helping hand to the people (and animals) that need our love. We recognize we have been very fortunate in our journey and feel as though our work is never complete without giving back to our community.

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Craft cannabis is an industry on the rise, and for a good reason! Boutique cannabis gives you the opportunity to help the earth and support your incredible community, all while enjoying the finest marijuana on the market. If you’re interested in learning more about In The Flow, check out the story of our company or browse some of our craft cannabis strains.

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