How to Stand Out As a Retailer

There are many tips, tricks, and articles out there for marijuana consumers. But what about the beloved retailer?

There are many tips, tricks, and articles out there for marijuana consumers. But what about the beloved retailer? In a market growing rapidly in popularity and accessibility, there are many factors that influence the success of marijuana dispensaries. At In The Flow, we know the importance of an extraordinary dispensary, and we’re here to help! From the quality of cannabis products to relationships with the budtender, we are invested in seeing every retailer business thrive. The cannabis community is quickly growing, and at the same time, drawing more attention from the public eye. Retailers are more and more invested in building a positive reputation for this emerging powerhouse of an industry.  Read on for a few quick pointers to make sure your retail game is sharp.

Customer Service is Key

Creating an open and welcoming environment within your shop leaves a lasting impression on consumers that will have them coming back for more. Is your dispensary staffed with knowledgeable budtenders? Are your customers receiving helpful and friendly service? Ensuring your budtenders have their heads brimming with the latest research and knowledge is key to building trust with your customers. In The Flow has tools like our In The Flow Strain Guide to equip your budtenders and consumers alike with confidence and knowledge that will help set your dispensary above the rest.

Quality is Everything

So, you want to be the best retailer in town, obviously. There’s no better place to begin than by evaluating the quality of the product on your shelves. Any boutique cannabis dispensary should have the highest quality cannabis products in their store in order to bring in high-end consumers. We at In The Flow pride ourselves on producing perfectly curated, boutique flower that is sure to win hearts. At In The Flow, we water each plant by hand and trim with careful attention to detail to ensure its quality and consistency. Your dispensary will be as phenomenal as what you’re putting on its shelves, taking pride in your product will surely make your shop shine.

An exceptional vendor will supply not only exceptional quality cannabis but all of the necessary tools to set you up for success. To the In The Flow team, you’re not just a dispensary, you’re part of the family. We want to build a relationship with you, it’s not just a business exchange. In a volatile new industry, lasting partnerships help businesses on both sides of the equation thrive.  In The Flow is interested in such long term partnerships.   From boutique flower, strain-specific trim and unique marketing and coaching materials, you’ll feel completely at ease with us as your vendor. Our goal is for everyone we partner with to have as much information as possible to make purchases that meet their unique needs.

A quality dispensary is an extension of your community; while the consumer is crucial to keep the cannabis industry afloat, the role of the dispensary is irreplaceable. With In The Flow, you’ll find a partner that values the life you bring to your community. If you’re interested in partnering with us or have any questions on our product please get in touch with us.

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